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Service You Can Count On

The lost art of customer service. Find it again at Dial-X Automated Equipment, where our customer truly is our number one priority. Our focus is on minimum downtime, but most importantly Dial-X Automated Equipment stands behind our equipment long after the initial sale. We know that taking in pride in what we do today, means a better tomorrow for all of us.

Our Customer…

  • is not dependent on us…We are dependent on them.
  • is not an interruption of our work…They are the purpose of it.
  • does us a favor when they comes in…We are not doing them a favor by waiting on them.
  • is a part of our business…Not an outsider.
  • is not just money in the cash register…They are human beings with feelings like our own.
  • is a person who comes to us with their needs and wants…It is our job to fill them.
  • deserves the most courteous attention that we can give them. They pay our salary…Without them, we would have to close our doors.